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IHC is more than just another Weight Loss Program.

We are a team of registered dieticians, doctors, and health coaches who are ready to guide you every step of the way on your weight loss and wellness journey.

We are dedicated to the whole process before, during, and after.

IHC prioritizes your goals and creates a balanced plan based on your unique body chemistry. This is not a one-size-fits-all program. Your weight loss success is our focus because we don't want you to only lose weight – we want you to keep it off.

How does my IHC weight loss program work?

In addition to losing a lot of extra weight (some patients lose up to a pound a day), you will experience less stress, more energy, better sleep, fewer body aches and pains, and enjoy an increased libido.

Many patients discontinue or reduce their medications with the IHC Weight Loss Program and the help of their primary physician.

Everything we do for you is backed by science (and there are multiple ways to help improve your long-term weight loss and health).

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The 4 most important factors to lose weight fast, permanently, and comfortably while staying healthy…

Gut Health – Good gut health leads to a better immune system, stronger mental health, more energy, and better skin conditions. We want you to understand your dietary habits to easily improve your gut health, which is also proven to boost your mood.

By learning what foods cause inflammation and irritation and then adjusting your diet, you can heal your gut.

pH Balance – Your body chemistry and pH levels are the most overlooked causes of weight loss resistance and disease. Your pH balance is the level of acids versus bases (alkalines) in your body.

At IHC Weight Loss, we introduce you to multiple proven ways to alkalize your body so it functions at its best. The outcome is a consistent and healthy pH-balanced body.

Hormone Balance – A hormone imbalance can negatively affect your health, from mood to appetite. But what it affects the most is how you lose or gain weight. IHC Weight Loss shows you how to support the organs and tissues that are responsible for getting your hormones back on track – so you are feeling young and healthy again.

We do this naturally, without potentially harmful hormone replacement therapies. Our team of doctors, dieticians, and coaches provides a thorough exam so nothing is overlooked. This provides you with a highly personalized and calculated weight loss program.

We know that some medical issues need to be met with medications. This is why it’s so important that we focus on every single detail of your body’s needs.

Follow-Up Appointments – We pair you with a team of doctors, coaches, and mentors that make sure you start your weight loss journey with ease. Your friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable support team are always by your side to help challenge you, keep you focused, and hold you accountable for your health and weight loss goals.

You get monthly follow-up appointments. At times, you may need adjustments – and this is perfectly normal. As your body changes, so do your needs. We are just a phone call away, and we welcome you to come to the office with any concerns or questions.

Our goal is to ensure that any transition you go through is comfortable. All we want is for you to have the best experience on your weight loss and wellness journey. And because you are so important, we make sure your personalized program is prepared to heal your body naturally - without any injections, surgeries, or extreme diet and exercise.

This is why we stay as accessible as possible. It’s important to us that you’re losing the weight you want in a healthy way and that you keep it off.

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Your custom IHC Weight Loss plan is not just a diet – it's a health transformation.

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