Why Do I Quit When I am Doing So Good?

Episode Summary

In this episode of Overcoming Emotional Overeating podcast, Wendi talks about why do you quit when you're doing so good. We have all had things that we've worked towards enormously and they were working, and then we just stopped. We quit. We turned away from the success. Why do we do that?

Episode Notes

"The only limit really is you. And the more you learn about yourself, the more limitless you will be."

So why do we quit when we're ahead? Why do we quit when we're winning?

One of the biggest reasons why people move into this pattern of quitting when things are going well is because of fear.

We tend to not really think about fear coming up when things are working well. We only really think of fear coming up when things aren't working well.

What's more important even than the fear of failing is the fear of being successful.

The truth is, the path to success is really stressful and being successful, if it's not normal or comfortable for you, it's really difficult to own.

Fear of being successful is even greater than the fear of failing, so fear can be an underlying reason why some people quit when things are working.

Insecurity, in order to be successful, own success, feel successful, be powerful. Own our power. We can't be insecure. We have to be confident, feel worthy. Feel deserving. We have to have that feeling of I am worth it. In order to really move forward into that destination, whatever that destination is for you.

So if there is a level of insecurity. It is very difficult to move into full-fledged success around something and stay there.

The need for control.

Some people quit while they're ahead because they feel that need to control what they're doing.

So whether that's in a good way or a bad way, the truth is the need for control can actually control us and it can bring us down.

Anxiety and stress.

So if a situation provokes feelings of stress or anxiety. It's common to push it away to prevent negative emotions.

Childhood trauma and unhealthy patterns.

When children have experienced trauma or have been put down regularly, so much so that their self-esteem self-worth.

Negative relationships.

if somebody is in a negative relationship, that could be an unhealthy relationship. It can be with a spouse or a friend. The reality is unhealthy relationships can also bring us down.

How do you actually stop quitting when it is working?

You have to find "Why"

Why are you quitting? What's ahead while you're ahead? Why is it?

Is it fear? Is it a negative relationship? Is it fear of success? Fear failure? Is it? Childhood trauma is an unhealthy pattern.

Creating a vision board, determining your real why putting that into your vision board,

You can also tap your unconscious.

So getting new beliefs around who you are, who you really are, not who you were and not your roles, but who you are.

"A negative mind can create a positive thought. So you've got to change the mind to align with the body. And when we don't and we're out of congruence. From mind and body, we can't win. And that's why we quit. So create your positive thoughts and your positive mind, and it will move you in the direction that you really want."