Orthorexia and Overeating: An Interview with Paige Harris

Episode Summary

In this episode of Overcoming Emotional Eating, Wendi is interviewing Paige Harris, a NASM certified personal trainer and holistic health coach about Paige's life, having orthorexia, overconsumption and under-consumption, and the bad effects of staying hungry.

Episode Notes

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More about Paige Harris:

Paige Harris is a NASM certified personal trainer and holistic health coach with her Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.

She specializes in helping women release restrictive dieting mindsets so they can optimize their health and heal their guts, hormones, and relationships with themselves and their bodies.

Paige is also the host of the Paige Talks Wellness Podcast, where listeners learn how to take control of their health in a world of information overload. She digs into all things nutrition, fitness, and mindset so listeners can learn how to truly heal from digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, and more, all without obsession or restriction.

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