Letting Go and Finding Your Freedom

Episode Summary

In this episode of Overcoming Emotional Overeating podcast, Wendi talks about letting go and finding your freedom.

Episode Notes

We forget that there is a letting go. Sometimes that needs to happen. In order for our soul, for our life, for our desires, for our psyche, for ourselves to be free.

And if we stay stuck. And don't quit. We are only staying imprisoned. In our own beliefs. And never really finding the flight of freedom that our soul, psyche cells, and being want. And we know it from the infinitely right.

When we fill in the gap between our head being miserable and our soul being crushed, what we find is addiction.

What we find is food. We need to comfort that, we need to nurture that feeling of crushed. We need to nurture that feeling of in prison. We need to nurture that feeling of I can't breathe anymore. And the way that we nurture that can be with food.

Can be with alcohol, can be with sex, drugs, gambling. Shopping can be with many things. But I absolutely know it can be with food when our heart and our head are not congruent and we don't feel like in our soul and our body and our psyche, we absolutely need to fill that gap in order to numb.

In order to feel a moment of OK. We will use food. Drugs, alcohol, sex, whatever that is, we will use something to try to make us feel better, but that never brings us. What I am now obsessed with as being joy.

You can't find joy like that because Joy is found in the flight of freedom. Joy is the elation. Of our feelings. So the next time you want to stay with something, just because whether it's a friendship, whether it's a class you're taking, whether it's a job you're in.

If you're staying in something, you know no longer serves you. You know, in your gut, it doesn't serve you right. Find out why you're letting your head the lead, figure out what the belief is there.

But more importantly, recognize. What your soul needs, what it's trying to say. And what if it's just. About letting go doesn't serve you.

I know that infinitely. I know we are all healed and whole, and our job here is to just figure out how to get there. Regularly. So let go of what doesn't serve you today.

And keep on overcoming those beliefs that let your head lead the way and move into allowing your heart, soul, psyche, and self to find that freedom and joy that you deserve. Infinitely.