Interview with Dr. Kirk Childers - Another Look at Fear Based Eating

Episode Summary

In this episode of OVERCOMING Emotional Overeating podcast, Wendi talks to Dr. Kirk Childers about Fear Based Eating, listening to your body because it knows what helps it, how our emotions are tied to our body and many more.

Episode Notes

[1:52] Fear based eating.
[3:26] Low road and high road.
[10:00] Recognizing how we feel in our body.
[11:49] Checking your feelings.
[13:18] Listening to your body.
[14:58] Helping the body chemically.

  • Amygdala - Mid part of the brain, the part that feels all emotions.
  • Our emotions are tied to our body.
  • Recognize that this will not continue forever.
  • Our body knows what helps it.